Jerboa: a graph transformation library for topology-based geometric modeling. Many software systems have to deal with the representation and the manipulation of geometric objects: video games, CGI movie effects, computer-aided design, computer simulationsdots All these softwares are usually implemented with ad-hoc geometric modelers. In the paper, we present a library, called Jerboa, that allows to generate new modelers dedicated to any application domains. Jerboa is a topological-based modeler: geometric objects are defined by a graph-based topological data structure and by an embedding that associates each topological element (vertex, edge, face, etc.) with relevant data as their geometric shape. Unlike other modelers, modeling operations are not implemented in a low-level programming language, but implemented as particular graph transformation rules so they can be graphically edited as simple and concise rules. Moreover, Jerboa’s modeler editor is equipped with many static verification mechanisms that ensure that the generated modelers only handle consistent geometric objects.

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