Henshin: Advanced Concepts and Tools for In-Place EMF Model Transformations. The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) provides modeling and code generation facilities for Java applications based on structured data models. Henshin is a new language and associated tool set for in-place transformations of EMF models. The Henshin transformation language uses pattern-based rules on the lowest level, which can be structured into nested transformation units with well-defined operational semantics. So-called amalgamation units are a special type of transformation units that provide a forall-operator for pattern replacement. For all of these concepts, Henshin offers a visual syntax, sophisticated editing functionalities, execution and analysis tools. The Henshin transformation language has its roots in attributed graph transformations, which offer a formal foundation for validation of EMF model transformations. The transformation concepts are demonstrated using two case studies: EMF model refactoring and meta-model evolution.