SIL - a simulation language. User’s guide. This book is a user’s guide for SIL, a continuous simulation package, which runs on an IBM PC and which gives particular attention to the solution of stiff ODEs. The software can be used for solving first or higher order systems of nonlinear ordinary differential or difference equations coupled with systems of nonlinear algebraic equations; it can not be used for solving partial differential equations. The system can handle discontinuities (switching between several states) but it does not have an event list and is not really suitable for combined discrete/continuous simulation. To deal with stiff ODEs, SIL uses STRIDE, a reliable integration method written by {it K. Burrage}, {it J. C. Butcher} and {it F. H. Chipman} [BIT, Nord. Tidskr, Informationsbehandling 20, 326-340 (1980; Zbl 0456.65040)]...

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