LQGENEP: A leptoquark generator for ep scattering. LQGENEP is a Leptoquark (LQ) generator for electron/positron-proton scattering which simulates processes involving LQ production and exchange using the Büchmuller-Rückl-Wyler effective model. The model is based on the most general Lagrangian compatible with the Standard Model symmetries and conserving lepton and baryon numbers. The generated LQs can have coupling with quarks and leptons belonging to any generation, allowing also the simulation of lepton flavor violating processes with a μ or a τ in the final state. The generator is fully interfaced with the simulation program Pythia which is widely used in the high energy physics community. The interest in the study of such processes, which are clear signs of physics beyond the Standard Model, recently received new boost by the results of the experiments which operates at the ep collider HERA.

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