3D explicit parallel MPM code, MPM3D, developed using object-oriented design by C++ program language with Qt, VTK and CMake, and can be run on different platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Several constitutive models, equations of state (EOS) and failure models have been implemented in our MPM3D code, such as Johnson-Cook material model for metal, Holmqusit-Johnson-Cook model and RHT model for concrete, JH2 model for ceramic, Drucker- Prager model for soil and rock, Mooney-Rivlin model for rubber, Gurson model for elastic-plastic solid with void, Polynomial EOS, Jones-Wilkins-Lee EOS and Gruneisen EOS. Several numerical examples such as shock tube, explosively driven flyer, shaped charge, debris cloud, projectile penetration of steel plate and reinforced concrete, slope slide, metal cutting are presented to demonstrate the application of MPM3D, which shows that MPM3D is a powerful tool for impact and explosion simulation