GADGET: A toolkit for optimization-based approaches to interface and display generation. Recent work is beginning to reveal the potential of numerical optimization as an approach to generating interfaces and displays. Optimization-based approaches can often allow a mix of independent goals and constraints to be blended in ways that would be difficult to describe algorithmically. While optimization-based techniques appear to offer several potential advantages, further research in this area is hampered by the lack of appropriate tools. This paper presents GADGET, an experimental toolkit to support optimization for interface and display generation. GADGET provides convenient abstractions of many optimization concepts. GADGET also provides mechanisms to help programmers quickly create optimizations, including an efficient lazy evaluation framework, a powerful and configurable optimization structure, and a library of reusable components. Together these facilities provide an appropriate tool to enable exploration of a new class of interface and display generation techniques.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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