Intrepid stands for INteroperable Tools for Rapid dEveloPment of compatIble Discretizations. Intrepid is a library of interoperable tools for compatible discretizations of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Included with the Trilinos 10.0 release is the “expert version” of Intrepid. This version is intended primarily for application developers who want to reuse large parts of their existing code frameworks such as I/O, data structures, assembly routines, etc. while gaining access to advanced discretization capabilities provided by Intrepid. In such cases the bulk of the data is owned and managed by the user rather than by Intrepid. To avoid unnecessary and possibly expensive copying of data to and from Intrepid, the expert version of the package comprises of mostly stateless classes operating on user-owned data.Virtually all numerical data required by PDE codes can be represented as a multi-dimensional array of scalar values. For this reason, and to enahnce interoprability, Intrepid classes are templated on generic multi-dimensional arrays. The Shards package provides an implementation of a multi-dimensional array that can be used for that purpose, or users can write their own multi-dimensional arrays as long as a minimal interface is supported.

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