SUSY23 v2. 0: An event generator for supersymmetric processes at e + e - colliders. SUSY23 is a Monte Carlo package for generating supersymmetric (SUSY) processes at e + e - colliders. Twenty-three types of SUSY processes with 2 or 3 final state particles at tree level are included in version 2.0. SUSY23 addresses event simulation requirements at e + e - colliders such as LEP. Matrix elements are generated by GRACE with the helicity amplitude method for processes involving massive fermions. The phase space integration of the matrix element gives the total and differential cross sections, then unweighted events are generated. Sparticle widths and decay branching ratios are calculated. Each final state particle may then decay according to these probabilities. Spin correlations are taken into account in the decays of sparticles. Corrections of initial state radiation (ISR) are implemented in two ways, one is based on the electron structure function formalism and the second uses the parton shower algorithm called QEDPS. Parton shower and hadronization of the final quarks are performed through an interface to JETSET.

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