OPTGAME3: a dynamic game solver and an economic example. We present the OPTGAME3 algorithm, which can be used to calculate equilibrium and optimum control solutions of dynamic games. The algorithm was programmed in C# and MATLAB and allows the calculation of approximate cooperative Pareto-optimal solutions and non-cooperative Nash and Stackelberg equilibrium solutions. In addition we present an application of the OPTGAME3 algorithm where we use a small stylized nonlinear two-country macroeconomic model of a monetary union for analysing the interactions between fiscal (governments) and monetary (common central bank) policy makers, assuming different objective functions of these decision makers. Several dynamic game experiments are run for different information patterns and solution concepts. We show how the policy makers react optimally to demand and supply shocks. Some comments are given about possible applications to the recent sovereign debt crisis in Europe.

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  1. Blueschke, Dmitri; Neck, Reinhard; Behrens, Doris A.: OPTGAME3: a dynamic game solver and an economic example (2013)