GIB stands for Goren-In-a-Box, and is named after the late Charles Goren, one of the greatest bridge players of all time. GIB was developed by Matthew Ginsberg, an American professor who specializes in artificial intelligence. GIB can not bid yet, nor interpret an auction, but it can declare and defend like a tiger. Many IMP readers are familiar with the training program Bridge Master , a set of 180 hands ranging from simple (level 1) to nearly unsolvable (level 5). Until now, the best score was achieved by the American program Bridge Baron, which brought 33 of the 180 problems (18.3%) to an end successfully. GIB pulverized that score with a mighty 116 correct (64.4%), including 24 of the 36 problems at level five (66.7%). Click HERE for details about the experiment.