darch: Package for deep architectures and Restricted-Bolzmann-Machines. The darch package is build on the basis of the code from G. E. Hinton and R. R. Salakhutdinov (available under Matlab Code for deep belief nets : last visit: 01.08.2013). This package is for generating neural networks with many layers (deep architectures) and train them with the method introduced by the publications ”A fast learning algorithm for deep belief nets” (G. E. Hinton, S. Osindero, Y. W. Teh) and ”Reducing the dimensionality of data with neural networks” (G. E. Hinton, R. R. Salakhutdinov). This method includes a pre training with the contrastive divergence method publishing by G.E Hinton (2002) and a fine tuning with common known training algorithms like backpropagation or conjugate gradient.

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