DOPGA: a new fitness assignment scheme for multi-objective evolutionary algorithms. In this article, a new fitness assignment scheme to evaluate the Pareto-optimal solutions for multi-objective evolutionary algorithms is proposed. The proposed DOmination Power of an individual Genetic Algorithm (DOPGA) method can order the individuals in a form in which each individual (the so-called solution) could have a unique rank. With this new method, a multi-objective problem can be treated as if it were a single-objective problem without drastically deviating from the Pareto definition. In DOPGA, relative position of a solution is embedded into the fitness assignment procedures. We compare the performance of the algorithm with two benchmark evolutionary algorithms (Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (SPEA) and Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm 2 (SPEA2)) on 12 unconstrained bi-objective and one tri-objective test problems. DOPGA significantly outperforms SPEA on all test problems. DOPGA performs better than SPEA2 in terms of convergence metric on all test problems. Also, Pareto-optimal solutions found by DOPGA spread better than SPEA2 on eight of 13 test problems.

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