ftnonpar: Features and Strings for Nonparametric Regression. The package contains R-functions to perform the methods in nonparametric regression and density estimation, described in Davies, P. L. and Kovac, A. (2001) Local Extremes, Runs, Strings and Multiresolution (with discussion) Annals of Statistics. 29. p1-65 Davies, P. L. and Kovac, A. (2004) Densities, Spectral Densities and Modality Annals of Statistics. Annals of Statistics. 32. p1093-1136 Kovac, A. (2006) Smooth functions and local extreme values. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (to appear) D”umbgen, L. and Kovac, A. (2006) Extensions of smoothing via taut strings Davies, P. L. (1995) Data features. Statistica Neerlandica 49,185-245.

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