POLYAN: a computer program for polyparametric analysis of cardio-respiratory variability signals. A polyparametric approach to the study of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, with the analysis of several simultaneously recorded signals and of their mutual relationships, is essential for the assessment of autonomic regulation. A computer program which implements all the procedures used in this investigative context and also makes the approach easy for researchers without an engineering background is described. Spectral techniques (univariate and bivariate), time domain techniques and non invasive baroreflex sensitivity assessment are available and integrated in the same package. In order to allow the flexibility and easy expandability required in a research tool, POLYAN was written in Matlab. POLYAN is currently used in our Hospital by several research groups and is a fundamental research tool for the interdisciplinary assessment of the autonomic nervous system. Establishing a common analysis framework, POLYAN has made sharing new findings and co-operating in research work much easier.

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