AsmL: Abstract State Machine Language. AsmL is an industrial-strength executable specification language. It can be used at any stage of the programming process: design, coding, or testing. It is fully integrated into the Microsoft .NET environment: AsmL models can interoperate with any other .NET assembly, no matter what source language it is written in. AsmL uses XML and Word for literate specifications. AsmL is the Abstract State Machine Language. The FSE group develops AsmL. It is an executable specification language based on the theory of Abstract State Machines, invented by Yuri Gurevich. The current version, AsmL for Microsoft .NET, is embedded into Microsoft Word. It uses XML and Word for literate specifications. It is fully interoperable with other .NET languages. AsmL generates .NET assemblies which can either be executed from the command line, linked with other .NET assemblies, or packaged as COM components.

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