QuantumMACMAHON, a Maple package that verifies the Quantum Macmahon Master Theorem for any specific dimension. It accompanies the article ”The Quantum MacMahon Master Theorem” by S. Garoufalidis, T. Le and D. Zeilberger: The MacMahon’s Master Theorem relates a certain generating function obtained from a square matrix A and the determinant of I-A. An equivalent formulation of this theorem is the boson-fermion correspondence in physics. In order to formulate the quantum version of the MacMahon’s Master Theorem, the authors considered the quantum determinant of right-quantum (non-commutative) matrices. The formula obtained in this paper relates a certain generating function obtained from a right-quantum matrix A and some linear combination of quantum determinants of sub-matrices of A. This formula recovers the boson-fermion correspondence when the quantum parameter is specialized to 1. The authors were motivated by recent developments in quantum topology.

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