The checkmark watermark benchmarking project was initiated in order to attempt to better evaluate watermarking technologies. Checkmark 1.2 (Dec. 14 , 2001) adds the following: support for color, new applications (logo, medical and video), online FAQ. Checkmark now includes: 1) Important new classes of attacks: Wavelet compression (jpeg2000 based on JASPER); Projective transformations, modeling of video distortions, warping; Copy attack; Template removal attack; Denoising, denoising followed by perceptual remodulation; Non-linear line removal; Collage attack, down/up sampling, dithering, thresholding. In addition, test classes are re-programmed from Stirmark and included: Cropping, Flip, Rotation, Rotation-Scale, FMLR, sharpening, Gaussian filtering, Random bending,Linear transformations , Aspect ratio, Scale changes, Line removal, JPEG. 2) New Quality metrics: weighted PSNR and Watson metric. 3) Output in a flexible XML format and generation of HTML result tables. 4) Application driven evaluation, in particular a non-geometric application for quick testing of algorithms which do not include a synchronization mechanism. 5) Easy access to individual attacks in Matlab for testing.