Jacket - The GPU Acceleration Engine for Matlab. Jacket uses the CUDA technology from Nvidia to utilize commodity video cards to dramatically increase the speed of many Matlab applications. Jacket enables standard Matlab code to run on the GPU, (graphics processing unit) with minimal code modifications or learning required of the Matlab developer. Many Matlab applications can be accelerated by up to a factor of 50, providing application throughput otherwise not available in a workstation environment. Jacket GPU-enables standard Matlab. It greatly simplifies GPU computing for engineers, scientists, and technical computing professionals. Users do not need to learn CUDA, SIMD, HPC, and other complicated parallel programming technologies. Within minutes of installing Jacket, most Matlab users are using the GPU and obtaining significant performance gains for the typical Matlab application. Jacket Eliminates the Port. Many development projects and even prototyping efforts will start with an interpreted environment but grow to demand more performance than available within most tools. Jacket enables many projects to continue with Matlab without the need of rewriting to C, FORTRAN, or other low-level languages.