XGobi: interactive dynamic data visualization in the X window system. XGobi is a data visualization system with state-of-the-art interactive and dynamic methods for the manipulation of views of data. It implements 2-D displays of projections of points and lines in high-dimensional spaces, as well as parallel coordinate displays and textual views thereof. Projection tools include dotplots of single variables, plots of pairs of variables, 3-D data rotations, various grand tours, and interactive projection pursuit. Views of the data can be reshaped. Points can be labeled and brushed with glyphs and colors. Lines can be edited and colored. Several XGobi processes can be run simultaneously and linked for labeling, brushing, and sharing of projections. Missing data are accommodated and their patterns can be examined; multiple imputations can be given to XGobi for rapid visual diagnostics. XGobi includes an extensive online help facility. XGobi can be integrated in other software systems, as has been done for the data analysis language S, the geographic information system (GIS) Arc View™, and the interactive multidimensional scaling program XGvis. XGobi is implemented in the X Window System™ for portability as well as the ability to run across a network.

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