MaTRU: A new NTRU-based cryptosystem. In this paper, we propose a new variant of the NTRU public key cryptosystem – the MaTRU cryptosystem. MaTRU works under the same general principles as the NTRU cryptosystem, except that it operates in a different ring with a different linear transformation for encryption and decryption. In particular, it operates in the ring of k by k matrices of polynomials in 𝐑=ℤ[X]/(X n -1), whereas NTRU operates in the ring ℤ[X]/X N -1). Note that an instance of MaTRU has the same number of bits per message as an instance of NTRU when nk 2 =N. The improved efficiency of the linear transformation in MaTRU leads to respectable speed improvements by a factor of O(k) over NTRU at the cost of a somewhat larger public key.

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