SmartColor: disambiguation framework for the colorblind. Failure in visual communication between the author and the colorblind reader is caused when color effects that the author expects for the reader to experience are not observed by the reader. The proposed framework allows the author to annotate his/her intended color effects to the colored document. They are used to generate a repainted document that let the colorblind enjoy similar color effects that normal color vision person does for the original document. The annotations are formulated as a set of mathematical constraints that can describe several commonly used color effects. Constraints are defined over the normal vision color space. Then they are projected onto the restricted color space that corresponds to the one that the colorblind perceives. Finally, the projected constraints are resolved for the search of best repainting of the document that most successfully presents to the colorblind person the color effects experienced by the normal vision person on the original document. Effectiveness of the proposal is shown by colorblind simulation.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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