Developed at the University at Buffalo - the State University of New York, IDARC was first introduced in 1987 for the purpose of analyzing earthquake damage in multistory, reinforced concrete buildings. Since then, numerous enhancements have been added, including the ability to analyze a wide variety of structures, structural materials, and, most recently, structural damping devices. New features are continuously being added to IDARC, while three dimensional and bridge specific versions are currently being developed. Moreover ”sister” programs such as NSPECTRA for calculating nonlinear inelastic response spectra were also developed The program IDARC is distributed free, with corrections and minor updates, as part of Membership in a Users Group. For information on membership check the appropriate button above. Non-members can also get a version of the program executable free, but without any support. The purpose of this web site is to keep you up-to-date on the latest reports, enhancements, Memberships, as well as to help you resolve any problems you may encounter while using IDARC