The MACEK Project (MAroids Computed Efficiently Kit). This project is a set of tools and routines for reasonably efficient combinatorial computations with representable matroids, especially for matroid constructions and for some structural tests. (If you do not know what a matroid is, then this project is likely not for you.) The program is intended both to help with everyday routines that a matroid-researcher faces (almost) every day, and to allow for long exhausted computations of matroid classes and their properties. So far, the program deals with matroids represented by matrices over finite fields and partial fields. Many common matroids are distributed with the program, and new ones may be easily entered. An easy manipulation with sets of matroids is supported. One may pivot the matrices, delete or contract elements, and generate (3-connected) extensions for matrices. Structural tests for minors, equivalence, branch-width, etc, are also implemented in the project. From version 1.1.x also abstract tests for representability and for isomorphism are available. More functions are planned for the future...

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