The ChainCon Software: Chain Contractions, Homology and Cohomology Software and Examples. The algorithms described in the paper have been implemented in the C++ programming language for optimal effectiveness and flexibility. Although a lot of effort was put into making this software capable of processing large data structures with reasonable effectiveness, it was primarily intended to serve as a model implementation of the algorithms and concepts introduced in the paper, and thus its versatility and readability of the code was the priority, not the speed or optimized memory usage. The provided software package is self-contained, that is, in order to compile and use it one only needs a standard C++ compiler, and no other programming libraries are necessary beyond the standard C++ library. This software uses a small amount of code from the Computational Homology Project (CHomP) programming library, and thus the few necessary files from that library have been included in the software for the convenience of users; these are the files whose names start with chomp or which are located in the chomp subdirectory. The software consists of a programming library and several sample programs. The library has a thoroughly documented interface. For maximal ease of use, convenient command-line tools are provided, which read data from human-readable text files and output results to the screen in a format that can be either read by a human or further processed by simple scripts. Thanks to the latter, one can easily (although not very efficiently) interface with the algorithms from high-level systems, including well-known mathematical software packages, by means of saving data to a file, running the relevant program, and then reading the results from a file or files created by that program.