The REPORT procedure combines features of the PRINT, MEANS, and TABULATE procedures with features of the DATA step in a single report-writing tool that can produce a variety of reports. You can use PROC REPORT in three ways: in a nonwindowing environment. In this case, you submit a series of statements with the PROC REPORT statement, just as you do in other SAS procedures. You can submit these statements from the Program Editor with the NOWINDOWS option in the PROC REPORT statement, or you can run SAS in batch, noninteractive, or interactive line mode. (See the information about running SAS in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.). in an interactive report window environment with a prompting facility that guides you as you build a report. in an interactive report window environment without the prompting facility. This documentation provides reference information about using PROC REPORT in a windowing or nonwindowing environment. For task-oriented documentation for the nonwindowing environment, see SAS Technical Report P-258, Using the REPORT Procedure in a Nonwindowing Environment, Release 6.07.

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