pdfcomment – A user-friendly interface to pdf annotations. For a long time pdfLaTeX has of­fered the com­mand pdfan­not for in­sert­ing ar­bi­trary PDF an­no­ta­tions. How­ever, the com­mand is pre­sented in a form where ad­di­tional knowl­edge of the def­i­ni­tion of the PDF for­mat is in­dis­pens­able. This pack­age is an an­swer to the – oc­ca­sional – ques­tions in news­groups, about how one could use the com­ment func­tion of Adobe Reader. At least for the writer of LaTeX code, the pack­age of­fers a con­ve­nient and user-friendly means of us­ing pdfan­not to pro­vide com­ments in PDF files. Since ver­sion v1.1, pdf­com­ment.sty also sup­ports LaTeX → dvips → ps2pdf, LaTeX → dvipdfmx, and X∃LaTeX. Un­for­tu­nately, sup­port of PDF an­no­ta­tions by PDF view­ers is sparse to nonex­is­tent. The ref­er­ence viewer for the de­vel­op­ment of this pack­age is Adobe Reader. (Com­pre­hen­sive-TeX-Archive-Net­work (CTAN))