Welcome to the home page of eSTREAM, the ECRYPT Stream Cipher Project. The eSTREAM project was a multi-year effort, running from 2004 to 2008, to promote the design of efficient and compact stream ciphers suitable for widespread adoption. As a result of the project, a portfolio of new stream ciphers was announced in April 2008. The eSTREAM portfolio was revised in September 2008, and currently contains seven stream ciphers. This website is dedicated to ciphers in this final portfolio. For information on the eSTREAM project and selection process, including a timetable of the project and further technical background, please visit the original eSTREAM Project website. ... The eSTREAM software testing framework page provides guidelines on how to write and submit optimized code for eSTREAM ciphers. Reports on portfolio ciphers’ performance in software can be found here. ...

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