The prudsys XELOPES (eXtEnded Library fOr Prudsys Embedded Solutions) is a platform and data source independent business intelligence library which unites classical data mining methods and new real time analytics. The library can be used as standalone software, offering pre-fabricated solutions to fundamental analytics problems. It can also be integrated into other software products as an embedded analytical tool. Especially when it comes to new and complex problems, the numerous algorithms of the prudsys XELOPES, which can be combined in modules, allow for the development of adequate solutions. The XELOPES library focuses on the prudsys algorithms which are customised to the use of extremely large amounts of data in real time. Includes agent framework: Based on access of artificial intelligence, a framework was developed offering universal access to all real time methods. At the centre of this framework is a so-called agent that learns from the stimulation of its environment and can then act accordingly. This approach can be transferred for use with product recommendations, automated pricing, MRP and real time scoring.

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