myPatterns: The open source implementations of custom notations. Custom notations are a novel, open source, technology providing programmers in Java and JavaScript with powerful pattern matching support, offering the following main features: Generalized pattern matching: Every programmer knows regular expressions, and how useful they are for matching simple or complex patterns within text (that is, within strings). MyPatterns implement a generalized form of pattern matching, for any data structures, beyond solely strings. This is achieved by using ”JSON patterns”, an integration of two well-known notations: JSON and regular expressions. Notational APIs: When designing the API of a class (its externally visible methods and fields), programmers using myPatterns can also define a concrete syntax for matching objects of that class (i.e. for selecting and de-composing objects). This syntax, also known as a ”matching notation”, is defined as easily as overriding a single method of that class. If this method is not overwritten, object of that class can still be matched in the default notation.

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