libMpIeee is a C++ software library for radix 2n or 10m mixed precision floating-point arithmetic, that is fully compliant with the IEEE 754/854 standards for floating-point arithmetic. This implies, among others, that the basic operations as well as the remainder and square root operations are exactly rounded, involving a relative error of at most 0.5 units in the last place (ULP) for round to nearest and 1 ULP for directed roundings. As required by the IEEE 754/854 standards, libMpIeee also provides denormal numbers, signed zeroes, signed infinities and NaN (Not-a-Number). Moreover, the conversions between decimal and binary are implemented to satisfy the same error bound as the basic operations. The elementary functions are computed with a relative error of at most 1 ULP for round to nearest and 2 ULP for directed roundings.

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