Cubin Utilities

Cubin Utilities: The Cubin Utilities package currently consists of the following utilities: decuda is a disassembler for the NVIDIA CUDA binary (.cubin) format. It provides insight into the internal instructions generated for the G8x and G9x architectures. Also, it can help in finding bottlenecks, as you can see what parts of your algorithm require a lot of actual instructions. It has an option to generate a format that is compatible with cudasm to make it possible to hand-optimize kernels. cudasm is an assembler for the NVIDIA G8x architecture of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It allows writing and optimizing code specificially for the G8x and G9x series, and provides a (basic) independent toolchain for this hardware. It takes a text file with assembly instructions as input, and produces a .cubin file as output. Note that cudasm is in the very early stages of development and not yet fully usable

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