Ch Mechanism Toolkit

Ch Mechanism Toolkit can be conveniently used for design and analysis of many different mechanisms such as fourbar linkage, crank-slider mechanism, sixbar linkages, cam-follower system, etc. Ch Mechanism Toolkit is developed in Ch Professional Edition with user-friendly high-level numerical and graphical plotting capabilities, as well as easy-to-use QuickAnimation for quick animation. Ch Mechanism Toolkit supports most commonly used mechanisms through object-oriented programming based on mechanism classes. The Ch Mechanism Toolkit comes with the source code and examples. It can help you develop solutions for design and analysis of many other mechanisms. With Ch Mechanism Toolkit installed in a Web server, Web-based mechanism design and analysis can be performed on-line. It is very simple and easy to use for solving practical engineering problems as well as for teaching and learning design and analysis of mechanisms. Using Ch Mechanism Toolkit with QuickAnimation, you can also develop Web-based solutions for design and analysis of many other mechanisms.

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