FRISCO--A framework for integrated symbolic/numeric computation. FRISCO was a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the Esprit Reactive LTR Scheme (project No. 21.024). The need to ”solve” (i.e. simplify or find solutions to) systems of polynomials arises in many areas of science and engineering: for example geometric modelling, robotics, chemical engineering, scheduling and electronics. There are various generic algorithms implemented in commercial algebra systems such as AXIOM, Maple, Mathematica etc. for solving these problems, but in many cases their very generality makes them too inefficient for use on the size of problems encountered in industry. The aim of the FRISCO project is to investigate and develop technologies which can be used to deliver highly efficient, versatile polynomial solvers to industrial users. Much of the software produced during the project is available for download, and indeed several packages are still being developed and improved. Links to project deliverables and to websites which contain more recent versions can be found in the Final Project Report.