The Sphinx Parallel Microbenchmark Suite. Sphinx, an integrated parallel microbenchmark suite, consists of a harness for running performance tests and extensive tests of MPI, Pthreads and OpenMP. It was adapted from the Special Karlsruhe MPI (SKaMPI) Benchmark suite1 by Bronis R. de Supinski and other members of the PSE/ASDE project, including John May and Bor Chan. LLNL adaptations include extensive tests of the Pthreads interface2 and on-going integration of the LLNL OpenMP Performance Suite. In addition, several new MPI tests have been added, primarily focusing on the performance of collective operations, including the first widely available tests that accurately measure the operation latency of fan-out collective operations such as MPI_Bcast3. Sphinx was a significant aspect of the ASCI PSE Milepost Run Time Systems Performance Testing; a paper on this effort should be available in the near future. The entire suite is implemented in C and has been run on a wide variety of platforms.

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