HotCRP is conference management software: it accepts paper submissions and manages the review process. Many conference management packages are available nowadays, including START/Softconf, Linklings, EasyChair, and Dirk Grunwald’s original CRP. (I haven’t used or Continue.) HotCRP is better than the original CRP. Relative to the others, as of early 2007 it is easier for PC members to navigate from paper to paper and to search for papers in HotCRP, but START’s single-page paper submission form is easier than HotCRP’s paper submission process (HotCRP includes an email validation step). If you don’t like HotCRP try START. Linklings is not in the same class. HotCRP is open source and requires that you run your own server, although the initial setup process is quite easy and should take about 15 minutes on a modern Linux or BSD box. Software requirements: Apache, PHP version 5 or higher, and MySQL version 5 or higher, plus several PHP packages. The README for the latest release has more.

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