PDEase2D lite. This software program uses finite element method to obtain numerical solution for a large class of partial differential equations. The program is integrated with Macsyma 2.3 which provides many easy-to-use Macsyma notebook and graphics capabilities (the installation of Macsyma 2.3, if not present, starts automatically from the CD-ROM). The program has a simple input language for the problem description (variables, equations, boundary conditions, material properties, geometry etc.). Moreover, there are 170 executable sample problems from various fields of physics (solid and fluid mechanics, heat transfer, diffusion, electromagnetism, chemistry and quantum mechanics), so that the user can often solve his specific problem by slightly modifying an existing sample code.par The software is capable of solving static, dynamic, or eigenvalue problems in two spatial dimensions, with up to 32 nonlinear partial differential equations together with constraint equations. An automatic grid generator allows to mesh rather complex shapes and to estimate the errors. As for the interface, the present reviewer was fascinated by a rich variety of graphic possibilities, especially by the use of colour which greatly enhances the comprehensibility of figures. Additionally, the program possesses a very useful and detailed on-line help designed as a browser with hypertext links. For all this, the full installation on the hard disk, including Macsyma, requires only 10 MB. On balance, a worthwhile addition to the computational software market.

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