OpTIX-II: A software environment for the parallel solution of nonlinear optimization problems. The intention of the paper is to give an introduction to the OpTiX-II Software Environment, which supports the parallel and distributed solution of mathematical nonlinear programming problems. First, a brief summary of nonsequential solution concepts for nonlinear optimization on multiprocessor systems is given. The focus of attention is put on coarse- grained parallelization and its implementation on multi-computer clusters. The conceptual design objectives for the OpTiX-II Software Environment is presented as well as the implementation on a workstation cluster a transputer system and a multiprocessor workstation (shared memory). The OpTiX-II system supports the steps from the formulation of nonlinear optimization problems to their solution on networks of (parallel) computers. In order to demonstrate the use of OpTiX-II, the solution of a nonlinear optimization problem from the field of structural design is discussed and some numerical test results are supplied