MPP: A framework for distributed polynomial computations. There are obvious advantages to providing communication links between independent software tools, including the ability to do parallel distributed computation, distributed problem solving, and providing more direct access to a wealth of computational resources. The challenge of providing connectivity is to produce homogeneity in a heterogeneous environment. We have explored this problem within the context of applications specially designed for polynomial computations. Our solution uses the Multi Protocol (MP) to establish communication links between independent packages, and the ideas of dictionaries, prototypes, and annotations provided in MP. We describe the design of an MP dictionary for polynomial computations (MPP), as well as the implementation of interfaces to SINGULAR, FACTORY, and Mathematica based on this dictionary. Important aspects of the design and implementation include generality, efficiency, and the ability to convey supplemental information. We include a discussion of our experiences and some timings.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.