MOAPPS 1.0: Aggregate production planning using the multiple-objective tabu search. In recent years, there has been a trend in the research community to solve large-scale complex planning and design problems using the modern heuristics optimization techniques (i.e. tabu search, genetic algorithms, etc.). This is mainly due to unsuitability of the classical solution techniques in many circumstances. Depending upon the assumptions made and the modelling approach used, aggregate production planning (APP) problems can be quite complex and large scale. Therefore, there is a need to investigate the suitability of modern heuristics for their solution. In this paper, the multiple-objective APP problem is formulated as a pre-emptive goal-programming model and solved by a specially developed multiple-objective tabu search algorithm. The mathematical formulation is built upon Masud and Hwang’s model (original model) due to its extensibility characteristics. The present model extents their model by including subcontracting and setup decisions. The multiple-objective tabu search algorithm is applied to both the original and extended model. Results obtained from the solution of the original model are then compared. It is observed that the multiple-objective tabu search algorithm can be used as an alternative solution mechanism for solving APP problems. During this study, an object-oriented program is also developed using C++. This software is named as MOAPPS 1.0 (Multiple Objective Aggregate Production Planning Software).