EvalVid -- a framework for video transmission and quality evaluation. With EvalVid (This work has been partially supported by the German research funding agency ’Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft’ under the program “Adaptability in Heterogeneous Communication Networks with Wireless Access” (AKOM) ) we present a complete framework and tool-set for evaluation of the quality of video transmitted over a real or simulated communication network. Besides measuring QoS parameters of the underlying network, like loss rates, delays, and jitter, we support also a subjective video quality evaluation of the received video based on the frame-by-frame PSNR calculation. The tool-set has a modular construction, making it possible to exchange both the network and the codec. We present here its application for MPEG-4 as example. EvalVid is targeted for researchers who want to evaluate their network designs or setups in terms of user perceived video quality