CrocoCosmos — 3D Visualization of Large Object-Oriented Programs. Software belongs to the most complex human-made artifacts. The size and complexity of programs has constantly grown over the last years. Today in many application domains (e.g., e-business, switching systems) software systems with millions of lines of code are constructed. They consist of many thousands of components and subsystems. Prefabricated frameworks and component technology make it possible to quickly build very large programs which typically go through a long lasting evolution process with adaptations and extensions of the existing code. Such reengineering and maintenance activities require good support for program analysis and understanding. In the context of program comprehension typical questions are “How good is the quality of the program with respect to maintainability?”, “Where are the most critical parts?”, “What is the overall structure of the system?”, “How are particular parts interdependent?”(cf. [19], [21]).

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