Context+ : development environment for 3P-able context maps. This report introduces a kind of high-level notational technology, ”Context Maps”, first introduced by Dr. Wojciech. M. Jaworski, that can be used in information system and software engineering. In practice, with map applications multiplying, in order to use this technology better, the development of efficient visualization CONTEXT+ tool is necessary and important. This report describes the process of developing and applying CONTEXT+ tool for 3P-able Context Maps in detail. All programs are developed with Visual Basic and the Context Maps are displayed within MS Excel spreadsheet. By applying and processing the various applications, the functionality and attributes of CONTEXT+ tool are completely demonstrated in this report. The main objective is to supply a set of advanced, easy to learning and powerful tool for 3P-able Context Maps. The purpose of this project is to illustrate that Context Maps is not only a methodology and formalized notation for representing the knowledge, but also a powerful tool that can be used directly to manipulate on the formatted knowledge.

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