FCMappers is not a nerdy football club of a city called Mappers. It is basically a network analysis network, a group of people sharing their knowledge, information and thoughts about fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM), network analysis and other related approaches. FCM is a soft-system modelling and mapping approach combining aspects of qualitative with the advantages of quantitative methods. It has a strong participative component fostering social learning between the participants. Working mainly in the field of socio-ecological research and ethno-medicine ourselves, we are very interested in discussing all sorts of application possibilities and potential links between FCM and other approaches. Most of the information on this site is available to the public but some is restricted to registered users. Of course, you can register for free. It will give you access to more information about projects and - most important - to the software itself. The FCM tool FCMapper is - as far as we know - the only freely available Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping & Modelling software. It is based on Excel and easy to use.

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