RepeatAssembler: a package for annotation of full-length repetitive DNA sequences in fungal genomes. REPEATASSEMBLER aims to automate the identification of full-length consensus sequences for repetitive DNA fragments or the genetic material that is repeated many times throughout the genome (so-called repeats). Although there are packages with similar objectives, e.g. RECON, none fully meets the needs of researchers in comparative genomics. Joining short repeating elements into fall-length repeats is particularly intricate and handling this task properly is both the goal and the strength of our solution. REPEATASSEMBLER analyzes as few sequences as possible to screen out all repetitive sequences. Then it builds a set of non-redundant repeats and reports the full-length consensus sequence for each element in the set. REPEATASSEMBLER consistently delivers repetitive sequences that agree with known full-length repeats for several fungal genomes.

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