NEOS Server: State-of-the-Art Solvers for Numerical Optimization. The NEOS Server is a free internet-based service for solving numerical optimization problems. Hosted by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the NEOS Server provides access to more than 60 state-of-the-art solvers in more than a dozen optimization categories. The NEOS Server offers a variety of interfaces for accessing the solvers. Solvers hosted by the University of Wisconsin in Madison run on distributed high-performance machines enabled by the HTCondor software; remote solvers run on machines at Argonne National Laboratory, Arizona State University, the University of Klagenfurt in Austria, and the University of Minho in Portugal. The NEOS Guide web site complements the NEOS Server, showcasing optimization case studies, presenting optimization information and resources, and providing background information on the NEOS Server

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