ResAna: a resource analysis toolset for (real-time) JAVA. ResAna is a tool that can perform three types of resource analysis: loop-bound analysis, heap-space usage analysis and stack analysis. It works on Java and is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in. It utilises several third-party tools. Loop and heap bounds must be verified using KeY. Heap-space usage analysis requires COSTA. Stack-space analysis requires the proprietary VeriFlux tool, therefore this analysis is unfortunately only available to owners of this software. ResAna was developed as part of the EU CHARTER project. Note that it is in the experimental prototype phase. ResAna can be downloaded separately from the required third-party tools as an Eclipse plug-in. However, the recommended option is to download the VirtualBox image with all EU CHARTER tools (except VeriFlux) pre-installed. ResAna is the work of the Radboud University Resource Analysis team, lead by Marko van Eekelen.