AR face

AR Face Database: 126 people (over 4,000 color images). Different facial expressions, illumination conditions and occlusions. This face database was created by Aleix Martinez and Robert Benavente in the Computer Vision Center (CVC) at the U.A.B. It contains over 4,000 color images corresponding to 126 people’s faces (70 men and 56 women). Images feature frontal view faces with different facial expressions, illumination conditions, and occlusions (sun glasses and scarf). The pictures were taken at the CVC under strictly controlled conditions. No restrictions on wear (clothes, glasses, etc.), make-up, hair style, etc. were imposed to participants. Each person participated in two sessions, separated by two weeks (14 days) time. The same pictures were taken in both sessions. This face database is publicly available and can be obtained from this web-site. It is free for academic use. Commercial distribution or any act related to commercial use of this database is strictly prohibited.

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