BLAZE-DEM: A GPU Based Polyhedral DEM Particle Transport Code. This paper introduces the BLAZE-DEM code that is based on the Discrete Element Method (DEM) [1] and specifically targeted for Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) platforms. BLAZE-DEM uses actual polyhedral particle representations as opposed to multi-sphere[2] approaches , which approximate polyhedral geometries. The modeling of real particle shapes is critical for realistically simulating complex interaction phenomena in granular assemblies [3]. BLAZE-DEM primarily concerns itself with simulating the flow of granular materials for a variety of different geometries [4]. The use of computational modeling tools is essential in evaluation of various designs and processes as computational power increases [5]. However current DEM simulations are only able model a few hundred to thousands of particles in real time without the use of expensive and power consuming clusters [6]. The dramatic increase in GPU computing power has enabled the computational simulation of physical systems that was not possible a few years ago via CUDA API[8]

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