VolRoverN is a software package that offers comprehensive functionality for geometric and electrophysiological neuronal simulation at multiple scales. It produces spatially realistic surface models of neuronal processes, glia, and intracellular organelles from cross-sectional traces. This results in a “forest” of structures. These surface meshes are geometrically accurate and topologically correct. Beyond visualization and a suite of direct geometric quantifications, VolRoverN generates derivative models for sophisticated simulations at multiple scales, such as cable and electrodiffusion models. Functionality includes: 3D reconstruction of neurons from RECONSTRUCT series files; 2D and 3D geometry curation and improvement; Extra-cellular space (ECS) generation; Cable model export to NEURON; Electrodiffusion model export to MCell (both surface mesh and tetrahedra). VolRoverN is an integral part of our Neuromodeling project. It shares components with VolumeRover2 and thus has many shared features.