SuperLie: A Mathematica package for calculations in Lie algebras and superalgebras. SuperLie is a Mathematica-based package designed for solutions of scientific and computational problems related to Lie algebras and Lie superalgebras, their q-deformations included. Using SuperLie one can construct objects habitual for the mathematician (vector spaces and superspaces, algebras and modules over these algebras) in a way (hopefully) accessible to the engineer. SuperLie can solve various applied problems and theoretical problems of considerable importance to the physicists. In particular, SuperLie allows one to perform calculations and symbolic transformations in order to determine generators and relation of Lie (super)algebrass, vacuum vectors (highest and lowest), compute Lie (super)algebra homology and cohomology; calculate the Shapovalov determinant, and so on. It is possible to output the result in TEX format.